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The Bridge Personality: Team Report

The Bridge Personality Team Report helps teams work together more effectively. Improve problem solving, communication and conflict situations. The report provides a complete overview of the qualities of a team. It provides useful information for managers with clear answers to questions such as: What does this team look like? How does this team work best together? How can the team improve?

You can expect this from the team report

The Bridge Personality Team Report is tailor-made for you, tailored to the specific team, with input from all team members.

  • Also single orders: test your team today;
  • Favorably priced;
  • Based on the 16 Jung Types and the 4 known colors (The Bridge Color);
  • Available in Dutch and English.
  • Ideal for use within team sessions;
  • Concrete advice for improving problem solving, communication and conflict management;
  • Practical tips and exercises;
  • Clear at a glance where the opportunities and possibilities of a team lie;
  • Very easy to use (online);

How does it work?

Together with the team report and the Bridge Personality Color reports you have everything ready for your team session.

  • Order the team report from our client support team;
  • Each team member fills in The Bridge Personality;
  • Each team member receives a Bridge Personality Color report;
  • The Bridge Personality team report is automatically created;
  • If desired, you can go through the reports by telephone with a TestGroup consultant;
  • You are ready for your team session!

Sample reports

You will receive the Bridge Personality Color report for each team member. This report is required by the participants during the team session. You will also receive a Bridge Personality team report for the entire team. Is the language spoken in your team English? No problem, we also have the reports available in English.

4 easy steps: get your candidate tested today

Simply choose the right test or online assessment from our practical overview. Order your test or online assessment via the handy order page. There are no waiting times for an online assessment. Your candidate will be tested immediately. After completion by the candidate, the report is immediately available. If desired, you can go through the reports by telephone with a TestGroup consultant afterwards.

“The Bridge Personality is a very nice tool to start the conversation with each other.”

Jessica Kuijper, senior P&O policy staff member at ROC Horizon College