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Bridge qualifying course: 16 Jung Types & 4 colours

The 16 Jung Types and the 4-colour model (blue, green, red, yellow) are very popular ways for developing personnel. Many organizations use these models during training, management development or coaching of their employees. In this training you will learn to implement the 16 Jung Types and the 4-colour model of The Bridge Personality for coaching, training and career guidance.


Our three-day Bridge qualification training: Jung & Colour will teach you everything you need to know about all parts of The Bridge Personality and how you can use it yourself for your organization or customers. We qualify trainers, coaches, consultants and HR professionals around the world to use The Bridge Personality within their own organization or with their own clients.

  • Day 1: (theory), we dive into Jung's theory and teach you everything you need to get started with the colors, graphs and the color wheel.
  • Day 2: (how to give a Bridge Personality workshop), we go through an example program step by step and teach you how to facilitate an inspiring Bridge Personality workshop.
  • Day 3: (practice), you will practice facilitating and coaching with the Bridge Personality. You will learn how to use The Bridge Personality for daily and customer-oriented applications.


As a user of The Bridge Personality, you can employ the 16 Jung Types and the 4-colour model of The Bridge Personality in your daily work as a trainer, coach, consultant, or HR professional. During our three-day accreditation training you will learn everything you need to know about The Bridge Personality and how to use it within your organization or with your own customers.

  • The use of the 16 Jung Types and the 4-colour model for training and coaching;
  • Develop & deliver training with The Bridge Personality;
  • Coaching with The Bridge Personality;
  • Career guidance with The Bridge Personality;
  • Feedback of The Bridge Personality reports to your candidates, clients or colleagues;
  • Ethical and proper use.

For whom

The Bridge qualifying course: Jung & Colour is suitable for HR managers, coaches, career advisers, trainers or consultants.


Prior to the training you will receive an invitation to complete The Bridge Personality (Personality Test) online. Each participant will receive the following materials prior to the training: Manual: The Bridge Personality & The Bridge Ability Suite, The Bridge Personality: the booklet for candidates and The Bridge Personality: the booklet for sales. There is no need to review these books prior to training.

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